We started on Friday afternoon, May 31st, for an exciting and profitable weekend in Dinkelscherben. We stayed together with Anja Heuberger and Michael Schildberg as English teachers at a youth hostel, where we spent the whole weekend talking English only and doing things and talking about topics for which we usually don’t have time during our normal classes.

We learned how to communicate and cooperate in English by playing many interactive games (sometimes we were even blindfolded), talking about vocabulary topics, preparing a short theatre play, doing speed-dating, writing short stories, doing a personality test or talking about all kinds of different topics such as Donald Trump, popular songs or our every-day menue.

As the weather was really great, we spent much time outside working on our skills by trying to solve cooperative tasks and exercises for teambuilding. On our second evening, we had a wonderful bonfire, listened to music, played “Black Stories” and had short speeches about certain questions about our lives.

Our aim was to make new experiences, to improve our English and to spend some quality time with friends. This has been a total success.

Anja Heuberger and Michael Schildberg made a big effort to create a funny, informative and gainful weekend for us.

On Sunday, June 2nd, we made our way back to Buchloe again and took lots of funny memories, vocabularies and grammar instructions with us.

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